Blood Glucose Monitoring Watch


The Blood Glucose Monitoring Watch is an all-in-one health and fitness tracker, featuring a non-invasive blood glucose monitor and a heart rate monitor. It offers 30 sports modes, sleep tracking, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring, all visible on a 1.32-inch screen. This waterproof watch syncs with your smartphone for a comprehensive health overview, making it an ideal companion for leading a healthy lifestyle.


Keep track of your health with the state-of-the-art Blood Glucose Monitoring Watch. This innovative device is much more than just a watch – it’s a complete fitness and health tracker designed to monitor your blood glucose levels non-invasively.

Featuring a sleek, modern design with a 1.32-inch screen, this watch provides real-time data on your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, blood pressure, and of course, your blood glucose levels. It can help you better understand your health, providing insights you can use to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Equipped with 30 sports modes, this watch can record and analyze your fitness data during various physical activities like running, cycling, yoga, swimming, and more. It’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to monitor their activity levels throughout the day.

The Blood Glucose Monitoring Watch is easy to use and comfortable to wear, featuring a user-friendly interface and a durable, stylish strap that suits any outfit. It’s also waterproof, so you can wear it during your workout or in any weather without worry.

The watch syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to see all your data in one place and receive notifications for calls, texts, and other apps. You can even set up alarms or reminders to help manage your routine.