Dextro Energy Dextrose Drink, 12 Pack (Apple + Orange)


Boost your energy with the Dextro Energy Dextrose Drink, an ideal solution for diabetics on the go. With 18 grams of fast-acting glucose per serving, this drink helps combat hypoglycemia by delivering immediate energy directly into your bloodstream. Available in a refreshing apple and orange flavour, this liquid alternative to glucose tablets is ready to drink, easy to open, and resealable. Carry it in your purse or pocket for effective management of hypoglycemia symptoms.


The Dextro Energy Dextrose Drink, available in a refreshing combination of apple and orange flavours, is an ideal energy boost especially designed for diabetics. This liquid alternative to popular glucose tablets contains 18 grams of fast-acting glucose in each 50 ml serving, providing a total of 24 grams of carbohydrates.

This formulation is specifically designed to combat hypoglycemia. When consumed, the glucose goes directly into the bloodstream, providing immediate energy.

Convenient and easy to carry, this ready-to-drink formulation is an ideal option to have on the go. Its packaging is easy to open and resealable, making it perfect for individuals leading busy lives.

Diabetics are recommended to carry these drinks in their purse or pocket, ensuring they’re prepared to handle the first signs of hypoglycemia.