Extra Wide Diabetic Socks


Experience unparalleled comfort with the Socksmad® men’s 100% cotton socks. This pack of 12 pairs of socks is specifically designed with diabetes care in mind, featuring a wide comfort fit and a hand-linked toe for maximum comfort and minimal irritation. Ideal for big foot sizes ranging from UK 11-14, these socks offer extra room where you need it most. Step into comfort and care with Socksmad®.


Get ready to step into a world of comfort with Socksmad®. This pack of 12 pairs of men’s socks is a perfect blend of style, comfort and health-conscious design. Created with 100% cotton material, these socks are not just soft and breathable, but also durable and able to withstand regular washing.

Perfectly suited for people with diabetes, these socks have been specifically designed with a wide comfort fit, providing extra space and less constriction around the foot. This ensures better blood circulation and reduces the risk of foot-related complications.

Another standout feature is the hand-linked toe. This technique ensures that there is no uncomfortable seam at the toe, reducing irritation and the risk of blistering. They are specifically designed for big foot sizes ranging from UK 11-14, offering extra room for those who need it.

These socks come in a classic black colour, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading out for the day or just relaxing at home, these Socksmad® socks will provide the comfort and care your feet deserve.