Medicine Organizer Box First Aid Health Emergency Storage Box


The LIKEUDO Medicine Organizer Box is a large-capacity storage solution for your medicines, health supplies, or even cosmetics. With a size of 26.5×15.5x18cm, a transparent lid for easy visibility, and an inner plate for organization, this box is designed for convenience and ease of use. It also features a handle and a durable lock for secure transportation. Ideal for home use, it can also store your daily tools and essentials.


The LIKEUDO Medicine Organizer Box is an essential item for every home. With a large capacity, it can store your commonly used medicines, health supplies, or even cosmetic items. The medicine bin’s size of 26.5×15.5x18cm makes it suitable for home use.

The organizer box includes an inner plate for easy organization. You can put your frequently used items on the plate while storing other items on the bottom.

Featuring a transparent lid, this medicine organizer allows you to see your items at a glance and refill them timely. No more running out of critical items without notice.

The box is equipped with a handle on the lid, making it convenient to carry around. Plus, the flexible and durable lock ensures the box won’t open unexpectedly during transportation.

Make your life more convenient with the LIKEUDO Medicine Organizer Box. It’s not just for medicines, but can also be used to store your daily tools and other essentials.