Glucorx Carepoint Tetra-Sole Package


The GlucoRx Carepoint+ package offers a comprehensive solution for insulin administration. It includes 100 sterilized insulin pen tips and 100 alcohol wipes for safe and effective insulin delivery. The pen tips are 32G x 4mm, individually wrapped for hygiene, while the alcohol wipes ensure cleanliness during injections. This package simplifies diabetes management, making it a must-have for those requiring regular insulin administration.


The GlucoRx Carepoint+ Alcohol Wipes & Diabetic Insulin Pen Tips Package is an essential set for individuals managing their diabetes. This package contains 100 Insulin Pen Tips and 100 Alcohol Wipes, making it a comprehensive solution for your daily insulin administration needs.

The insulin pen tips measure 32G x 4mm, designed to ensure a painless and efficient insulin delivery experience. Each pen tip is sterilized and individually wrapped to guarantee safety and hygiene. The tetra-sole packaging ensures each tip remains protected until you are ready to use it.

Additionally, the package includes 100 Carepoint+ alcohol wipes. These wipes are an essential part of any diabetes management routine. They are designed to clean the injection site prior to insulin administration, effectively reducing the risk of infection.

The GlucoRx Carepoint+ package is designed to provide convenience, safety, and effectiveness to individuals managing their diabetes.