Insulin Travel Case with 2 Ice Packs


The YOUSHARES Insulin Travel Case with 2 Ice Packs provides a convenient and safe solution for travelling with diabetes supplies. This case has a thermal insulating barrier to maintain temperature and comes with two non-toxic, latex-free ice packs. It offers ample space for all diabetic supplies, ensuring a safe storage environment. The ice packs require refrigeration before use and can maintain a cool temperature for hours.


YOUSHARES offers a handy and safe solution for diabetes management while on the go with the Insulin Travel Case with 2 Ice Packs. This case is designed with layers of specialty material, providing a thermal insulating barrier that keeps the contents at the desired temperature. It keeps warm things warm and cold things cold.

The Insulin Travel Case is a convenient organizer for all medical supplies needed for diabetic care. It offers enough space to store items such as insulin pens, syringes, paper towels, and other consumables in a safe environment. The travel case ensures you always have your medical supplies at hand when you need them.

To maintain the temperature, the case comes with 2 reusable ice packs. These ice packs are non-toxic and latex-free, ensuring that all contents of the bag remain cool and safe. For optimal use, the ice packs need to be refrigerated for 6 to 8 hours before use, after which they can maintain a cool temperature for 4 to 6 hours.