Lockable Medicine Box


The Lockable Medicine Box is a BPA-free plastic storage box that safely stores your food or medicine. It’s secured with a 3-digit combination code and has a large capacity of 12.6L, fitting comfortably in a refrigerator or cupboard. It’s stackable, space-saving, and clear for easy item finding. It features 4 holes for breathability and charging electronic devices. Great for keeping non-valuable items safe.


Ensure the safety of your household items with our Lockable Medicine Box. This storage box is built with sturdy and thick BPA-free plastic materials, which means you can safely store your food or medicine in this clear lock box. It is designed to keep your items neat and tidy, providing safe medication storage.

The medicine lock box is secured with a 3-digit combination code, eliminating the need for keys. Please remember your password as you will not be able to open the box if you forget it. It is great for keeping non-valuable items safe.

The storage box has a large capacity of 12.6L, providing ample space to store items that need to be safely locked. Its size is optimized to fit comfortably in your refrigerator or cupboard. It is also stackable, allowing you to save space and stay organized.

Our clear locking box has a transparent design that lets you find stored items instantaneously from any angle. It features 4 holes around the sides for breathability. You can also charge your phone or any electronic device via the holes and keep Wi-Fi on when your items are locked up.