Non-Elastic Diabetic Ladies Socks


Rozgul’s non-elastic diabetic ladies socks, available in a pack of 6, offer superior comfort and softness with their rich cotton material and easy grip, loose soft top design. Perfect for those with diabetes or swollen feet, these socks do not restrict circulation. The socks are breathable, durable, and easy to care for, fitting snugly without being overly tight. Available in UK sizes 4-7, they combine comfort, style, and functionality.



Ensure maximum comfort with Rozgul’s non-elastic diabetic ladies socks. This pack of 6 pairs offers an easy grip, loose soft top, and rich cotton material for optimum comfort and softness against your skin.

The non-elastic design ensures that these socks do not constrict your circulation, making them ideal for those with diabetes, swollen feet, or anyone who values comfortable footwear. The loose soft top offers further comfort, fitting snugly without being overly tight or leaving indentations.

Made from rich cotton, these socks are soft, breathable, and durable, offering a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day. They can easily be machine washed and dried, allowing for easy care and long-lasting use.

Available in UK sizes 4-7 (EUR 35-39), these socks are versatile and suitable for many individuals. The classic and stylish design ensures that you do not need to compromise on style for comfort.