Triple Test Kit


The LMEILI 3 in 1 Blood Tester is a complete home testing kit designed to monitor blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol levels. With a broad measurement range, this kit ensures accurate results. Its automatic identification function and siphon design make the testing process convenient and easy. The device stores 300 test results and provides fast readings. The kit is an excellent solution for anyone interested in tracking their health metrics closely.


The LMEILI 3-in-1 Blood Tester Cholesterol Monitor Uric Acid Monitor Blood Sugar Monitor is a comprehensive home testing solution designed to make tracking your health more convenient. This kit allows you to monitor your blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol levels accurately in the comfort of your home.

The device’s measurement range is extensive, covering uric acid from 60 mmol/L to 1190μmol/L (1.1 mg/dL to 20.1 mg/dL), cholesterol from 2.4 mmol/L to 11.5 mmol/L (100 mg/dL to 400 mg/dL), and blood sugar from 1.1 mmol / L to 33.8 mmol / L (20 mg / dL to 400 mg/dL). This ensures accurate results across a wide spectrum of readings.

Featuring an automatic identification function, the system recognizes the inserted strip during the test, ensuring a smooth, easy-to-use testing process. Its siphon design facilitates convenient blood drawing and provides accurate results.

The device has a storage capacity for 300 records – 200 for blood glucose, 50 for uric acid, and 50 for cholesterol. The results are displayed quickly, within 20 seconds for blood glucose and uric acid, and 60 seconds for cholesterol.

The LMEILI 3 in 1 Blood Tester is powered by two AAA 1.5 V batteries (not included), and it has an automatic on-and-off function for ease of use. Its 2.5-inch LCD screen provides a clear view of your test results.