Winter Insulin Warmer & Summer Insulin Cooler


The Winter Insulin Warmer & Summer Insulin Cooler VIVI CAP1 by TempraMed is an innovative, FDA-registered device designed to maintain your insulin at an optimal temperature throughout the year. Compatible with multiple refillable insulin pens, this pen-cap uses advanced technology to act as an insulin warmer during winter and an insulin cooler during summer. Easy to use and compact, it offers discretion and peace of mind for those on insulin therapy.


The VIVI CAP1 by TempraMed is a revolutionary device designed to make life easier for people living with diabetes. This FDA-registered pen cap acts as both an insulin warmer and an insulin cooler, providing year-round protection for your insulin against temperature fluctuations. It fits a variety of multi-refillable pens, including NovoPen 4&5/Echo, Luxura, Luxura HD, Savvio, and CliKSTAR, making it a versatile choice for those using insulin therapy.

This device uses advanced technology to maintain insulin at its optimal temperature, even in challenging weather conditions. During winter months, it acts as an insulin warmer, protecting your medication from freezing temperatures. In the summer, it transitions into an insulin cooler, preventing your insulin from overheating and denaturing, which could render it less effective.

The VIVI CAP1 is compact and easy to use. Simply replace the original pen cap with the VIVI CAP1 to keep your insulin at the correct temperature. Its sleek design means it’s discreet enough to carry with you wherever you go, offering peace of mind and the convenience of always having your medication ready to use.