Apply For Funding


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the criteria we have set down for our technology funding. We would like to support everyone, but unfortunately due to financial restraints we have decided to focus our funding at this time on young adults aged between 16-25.

  1. Aged 16-25
  2. In full time education within the UK
  3. A personal income less than £15,000 Per Annum
  4. Have full backing of primary Diabetes consultant.

If you have met all the above then you are 75% there in your application, the other 25% is down to you. As a charity we fund everything through people’s generosity running events and individuals personal challenges.

Therefore we decided that in order for us to help as many people as possible we need to keep developing our support network and what better advocate is there than people who have been on the receiving end of the financial support. Don’t worry we are not looking for you to suddenly have to raise thousands of pounds on your own.

We would like you, your family and friends to get involved, whether that’s taking part in one of our organized events, putting on your own event or doing a personal challenge, the decision is yours.

This isn’t to pay for your equipment it’s about giving someone else the opportunity to benefit.

Happy to get involved? Want to make a difference to someone’s life? Then please complete the application form and forward along with a covering letter from you primary Diabetes consultant stating they are happy for you to use the equipment provided.

All applications received, providing they meet the above criteria, will be considered by the board of 5 Trustees on an individual basis.