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Our Journey started in March 2016 when we formed the Michael lewis Foundation in memory of Michael. Michael James Lewis passed away on the 25th November 2015 to DIB syndrome associated with Type 1 Diabetes aged 20 whilst work out in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Michael had a positive outlook on life and never saw his Diabetes as a barrier for him achieving his goals in life. He was utilizing his gap year from the University of south Wales to gain valuable industry knowledge in his chosen field Sound, Lighting and live event Technology.

In his own words he was living his dream. #livelikemike

His dream became our nightmare but drawing strength from his positivity and the huge influence he had on so many people in his short time with us, led us to develop and grow the foundation.

The foundation developed a fantastic working relationship with Diabetes UK which still continues today.

The support from so many people led us to win the Diabetes UK Inspire Award for fundraising both Nationally and Regionally, but this was never going to be enough, we honestly believe that Michael would have driven his career to the highest possible level and so, with that in mind and to continue his legacy we decided we need to help people directly.

In December 2017 we were awarded full Charity Status providing us to really fulfil the dreams, goals and desires we had for the foundation when it was first formed, to make a difference to individuals so that other families do not suffer the same pain as we have.

The circle of life in most people’s eyes is painful enough but when that circle is broken your whole attitude to life changes, nobody should ever bury a child and we are aiming to utilize technology breakthrough in Type 1 Diabetes care to hopefully minimise the risk of another family suffering the pain we have.

The Technology available is Continuous Blood sugar Monitoring, standard equipment has now been made available through the NHS although some health authorities still struggle to fund this. The equipment that potentially could have saved Michaels life is impossible to get through the NHS if you have good control, which Michael did.

The system utilizes Continuous Blood Sugar Monitoring and Bluetooth technology with your blood sugar readings sent to a mobile phone app every 5 minutes, the app allows you to set alarms showing highs and lows which ring to warn you, these alarms can also be shared with friends and families.

Dead In Bed Syndrome associated to Type 1 Diabetes is when a person goes to bed perfectly well and their blood sugars drop rapidly for no reason, (the majority of people sense the change and wake up) unfortunately in this case the victim doesn’t and therefore the body goes into a coma and eventually a heart attack leaving them to be discovered dead in an undisturbed bed.

The Technology we are going to be funding would have alerted either the Victim or a Family Member/friend and they could wake the person up, deal with the hypoglacmic attack or phone 999.

Our priority for funding will be those leaving home to go onto University, as we recognize life style changes occur at this time and this can also provide piece of mind to family potentially hundreds of miles away.