Our Causes

The Michael Lewis Foundation strongly believes that people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes should receive the best possible care to manage their condition. However, they also recognize that ultimately, finding a cure is crucial. With this in mind, the foundation has targeted three main causes within its goals: education, technology, and research.

Education is essential to ensure people understand Diabetes and its potentially fatal consequences. The foundation offers invitations to schools or support groups, where they deliver inspirational speeches on dealing with diabetes and life after losing a child. They also provide educational resources to raise awareness of the condition.

The foundation believes that technology is a key component in developing diabetes care. They aim to make it accessible to everyone and provide funding for individuals to ensure better control and quality of life. The foundation’s current focus is on funding the Dexcom G5 continuous blood sugar monitoring technology, which uses Bluetooth to transmit readings every 5 minutes to a mobile device. The funding application will need to be approved by the primary Diabetes consultant, and all criteria are outlined on the foundation’s website.

The Michael Lewis Foundation works closely alongside Diabetes UK and JDRF charities to support research into a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. These larger, established organizations have the resources and contacts to undertake and fund research projects. The foundation’s trustees choose specific research projects through a majority vote, and all information is disclosed at the time of their support.

In summary, the Michael Lewis Foundation is dedicated to providing education, technology, and research to improve the lives of those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. They strive to make a difference by funding innovative solutions and supporting established organizations. The foundation’s mission is to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, and they will continue to work tirelessly until they achieve their goal.