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Lobster’s Drummer Does The Fun Run

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Joe Cook, the drummer of the band Lobster, put down his drumsticks and pounded the streets to participate in the Great Midlands Fun Run. His mission? To raise awareness and funds for his late bandmate Michael, affectionately known as the “6th member” of Lobster. The run was completed in Michael’s name, and the event was an overwhelming success.

The Great Midlands Fun Run is an annual event that takes place in Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom. Participants run or walk an 8.5-mile route through the town’s streets to raise money for charity. It is a great way to bring the community together and support a good cause.

For Joe, this year’s run was particularly significant. Michael, who passed away recently, was a key member of the band, and his loss was deeply felt by the entire Lobster community. Joe’s decision to participate in the run was his way of honouring Michael’s memory and keeping his legacy alive.

Throughout the run, Joe received overwhelming support from Lobster fans, friends, and family. They cheered him on from the sidelines, waved banners and posters, and shouted words of encouragement as he ran by. Joe was touched by the outpouring of love and support, and it gave him the strength he needed to complete the run.

At the finish line, Joe was greeted with applause and cheers as he crossed the finish line. He had completed the run in honour of Michael, and he knew that his late bandmate would have been proud of his efforts.

The Great Midlands Fun Run was a huge success, raising a significant amount of money for charity. Joe’s participation in the event was a beautiful tribute to Michael and a testament to the power of community support. The Lobster community will always remember Michael as the 6th member of the band, and they will continue to #livelikemike in his memory.

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